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angels without wings

blinded by what i dont want to see
im sickened by the lies are plain to be
i dont know why it just goes on
i dont believe its been undone
a burning edged material is
ripping me apart
its grinding me to pieces and
it has yet to start
awake i bleed and sleep i die
may i dream of another life
thru my viens a sickness within
as i die inside this prison
ive yet to feel a pain to love
and death to be from down above
slowly surely going broken
as i take apart this loveless token
apprieciate it while you can
before our broken span of land
destiny awaits the bold
the brave beyond the stretching tole
aviate beyond my time
lift us all and break the bind
places of inclarity
and angels without wings
i cant find despair in me
when this angel sings

and i hear her..
does she see me..
it appears no..
and they said so..

cant to find angels with no wings
long in wait a paradise filled with broken things
i can not be so precise when i decide to bring
maybe one day i will find an angel without wings...
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