flímÈ∑ (kitty_amz) wrote in a_poets_heart,

-train ride-

this is a poem about something that happened on my bday this year. its old n the spelling is bad lol but yeah i was bored =P um...it kinda..dies at the end. but yeah. comments on how to imporve it would be great *waves*

My music, numbing the pain that I should feel

The cuts and bruises from just days before

I hold back the tears and thoughts

Of when I was lying on the floor.

I go around and act like im fine

But inside im falling apart

I smile and act like im not in pain

When everything hurts, especially my heart.

Out of all that just happened

The thing I wish I could take erase

Was that she didn’t get dragged into it

But you cant go back on past days

I cover the marks on my face

I wear make up to hide my tears

But everyday when I go home now

I have to face my fears.

Nobody knows except for one special friend

The rest are to innocent to brake

But as I smile and laugh with them all

My legs begin to shake          

On the train home, thinking about whats to come

I get up for my stop, shut my eyes to the thought

That what has just happened, I can not stop

How to stop? That, I was never taught.




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