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Yeah i havnt been in the mood lately but here are 2 recent ish poems



Your best friend is waiting for you
Back home in your draw, smiling with a shine
Everyone has there way of getting rid of it
Im not wierd, this is just mine
The scars of the times you called me whore
The bruises from the times you told me to stay
The healing marks of remebering you
And the recent ones from what they all say
Ive made it through the fire and the rain
And im standing here today, still alive
But when its me thats down and bleeding
It wont be me that you revive
The shadow in the back of your room
The one with the broken tear following you
The one with the memories everlasting
The only one that wont be glowing
The toxins are leaving my body as i see reality
I cant face this all over, not another night
I dont want to be alive during these days
I dont want to hear another fight
I cant blame you for what ive done to myself
You wasnt the one who lifted my hand
You wasnt the one that slid the blade
And because of this, you can never understand.
by me- aimee


Everything is spinning,  everything has changed,

It’s nothing like it use to be

Everyone expressing their soul through depression

It was once just the insides of me..


Each of us was born original

Then why do we all die the same?

And now it seems each of our minds

Feels the same poison and pain


Each of us…has poison

Running through each vein

Each of us is suffering

From neglection and pain


Depression moving into gear

It’s the new emotional trend

Everybody’s ‘internal’ state of mind is…

“I’m broken, I cannot mend”


My body will only blend in now

My pain is like the rest

But when it comes to cutting,

I can do it best


I put the pain into my scars

I put the fears into my dreams

I put the fury into my eyes

I put the shriek into my screams….


I am not like the others

For my feelings are very real

My torment is not like theirs

For I will never heal.


I slash away my problems

I bury the blade deep inside

For the flesh deep enough

Is the best place for this growing pain to hide


I slash away my problems

I slash away my fears

I am growing numb…

all I feel

Are my salty tears


By me- aimee and the love of my life lol cathy <3

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I like the second one the best! both are Awsome though...

thankee the second one is the better one only coz my friend helped *mumbles* damn her lol
I like them both but... I like the first one better. Keep em comming!:)
awww thankee *tackles and huggles*