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Leftover Lunchbox

I understand beauty
I understand love
I understand meaning
Of all of the above

I need someone to help though
As I am in need of care
As I am shedding skin
I will soon be bare

If my brains were to shadder
Would you be near?
Will you help cleanse it
To let the blood run clear

I sleep in your Leftover lunchbox
You find me mid-day
I cower in a ball
And have nothing to say

I find it very comfy
I find it very warm
Even when you leave it out
And all the bees swarm

Apples and apricotes
Clouding my way
As I see a flat board
It must be your tray

If I withered in here
You'd think me a prune
Then leave for canada
And feed me to a loon

Then let me lay in here
In this lunchbox heavan
With skybabies flooding
And a seven eleven
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