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book wars

you should try this... its actually pretty entertaining.
|Book Wars|
Flashes of books fly
throught the air
across the night sky.

Another shadow hit
they fall to the floor
but no, we will not quit.

Pages begin to rip out
it looks like confetti
like a parade, lets all shout.

We should duck and cover
they have spotted us
lets hude because they are starting to hover

I decide to throw
the book misses
i threw it too low.

Then i feel a shock in my tummie
i pick up the book off the floor
it read;"book for a dummie."

Oh it isn't over yet
you'll get your fair pain
all i need is the perfect set.

This is it
my time to throw
i just need a good hit.

When the shadows head pokes out
ill try with all my power
as i release i let out a loud shout.

With all that might
the shadows down
and out of sight.
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